Malaysia by Eva and Sid

Learn all you need to know about Malaysia

Attractions in Malaysia and the map of Malaysia

Climate In Malaysia

The climate here is very tropical, usually it's extremely hot and very rainy. The average temperature is 27 degrees celsius, not on mountains. There are only 2 seasons here in Malaysia, a dry season and a rainy season. May too September is the dry season, November too March is the rainy season (in 2004).

Population In Malaysia

The population is quite a lot here in Malaysia. There are 26,160,256 people currently living Malaysia (in 2010). Most of them are Islamic but the some other people are Chinese and Tamil.

Capital City in Malaysia

The Capital city in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. Some main attractions in Malaysia are the Twin Towers and Batu Caves. In Kuala Lumpur there is a Parliament and a priminister. There are also counsels for local ares.

System of Government in Malaysia

In Malaysia there is a constitutional Monarchy. The Monarchy isn't the ruler. In Malaysia the Government has much more RM. RM is the currency that we use un Malaysia. Currently Mohd Najib Abdul Razak is the Priminister of Malaysia (In 2012).


Did you know Malaysia is a peninsula. Malaysia is 329,751 square kilometers. 127,317 square miles. There is a mountain range from North Malaysia to South Malaysia. The biggest Mountain in Malaysia is Mt. Kinabalu and there are lots of islands neer the Malaysian peninsula.

Crops and Agriculture

Did you know that East Malaysia is dependent on fishing, hunting and farming. In Malaysia Rice is eaten for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Many tropical fruits grow in Malaysia such as bananas, durians and watermelon.