Modern Day Slavery

Sex Trafficking

Modern day trafficking is a type of slavery that involves the transport or trade of people for the purpose of work. Not all slaves are trafficked, but mostly all trafficking victims are victims of slavery. Sex traffickers use violence, threats, and others to force women, men and children to attract in commercial sex against. The age of 18 years or under are persuade into commercial sex and are victims of sex trafficking. The money that the victims earn, the owners take most of it away. They can do commercial sex to 6 to 10 men a day, 7 days a week.


Anti-Slavery International - is an international non-governmental organisation, charity. The only charity in the United Kingdom that is against slavery and abuses.Anti-Slavery International is working on a campaign in the Philippines.

ABC Nepal - is an non-governmental organisation working in Nepal, focusing Human Trafficking in Nepal .One of the major event that made ABC Nepal is that they rescue 35 minor girls from Apollo circus in New Delhi in 1996.

The A21 Campaign - non-governmental organisation works to fight for Human Trafficking. They mostly work all over the world like United State, Greece, Ukraine, South Africa etc. Works to “abolish injustice in the 21st Century.”


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