Coding 3

MP3 Week 10

This Week

Your Mission: Scratchy & Mitch need out help!
  • Read what's happening to Mitch and Scratchy below!
  • Watch the video to learn how to use the paint editor tools!
  • Make sure you come to chat with Space Odyssey #1 remixed to your stuff!
  • There is nothing you need to send me this week, but have some fun changing up the sprites in Space Odyssey #1! We'll share them after Spring Break!

*FYI: An easy way to follow me & remix Space Odyssey #1 to your stuff:

Now you're following me and Space Odyssey #1 is remixed (saved) to your stuff (profile)

A Space Odyssey!

Big image
Big image
Click Here To Help Scratchy Get His Space Suit On!

Watch the short video to set the stage on your profile!

What will you create? You Choose!

  • Can you give Scratchy a new space suit using the paint editor tools?
  • Why not make the lightning have red flame streaks?
  • Or maybe change the lightning sprite to be an evil alien?
  • What about the background? Choose another background!
  • Or add paint effects to this background!

See you in cyberspace!