India's movie industry

Why is this important to India?

Bombay, as it was called then was the first screening of a Bollywood film. The film industry is now in Mumbai Indians largest city. Bollywood became multi cultural when they released movies for multiple languages, the movies focus on religion, and release in different language. The Hindi film industry gave Indian actors a voice, a chance to speak out.

History of Bollywood

Bollywood wasn't always around, in the year 1896 the Lumiere brothers started Bollywood, Bombay was the first Indian city to show six short films from these entrepreneur film makers. In 1913 Bollywoods first feature film arrived called; Raja Harishchandra. In the 1930 and 1940 Indian actors had a voice and the movies started being based around religion. The golden age for Bollywood was the 1950 and 60's. Bollywood saw a serge of women directors in the 1980 with several of them gaining popularity. The 1990 Bollywood held a impressive genre variety, they soon where offered sponsores after better cameras, effects, and digital appearances. In the first few years of the 21st centry Bollywood reached out to international audiences, with several major movie sponsors such as; 20th Centry Fox, Sony Pictures and Warner Brothers.

Some of the top actresses and actors

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