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How Can We Help You?

Our goal is to help you discover innovative and applicable technology resources that you can integrate into your instruction to more dynamically engage your students in the learning process. A major part of what we do is to offer you instructional technology services, training and support that will help you deliver meaningful technology enhanced learning experiences.

When you are ready to teach with technology, call us for an individual consultation. Some of the areas we can assist you with during a consultation include:

• instructional design of new courses or redesign of existing courses

• educational technologies include design and development of course sites in Harding’s online course management systems (Canvas or Moodle)

• research and provide training that is custom designed for your department’s specific needs.

Audio Visual Recording Lab

Our audio/visual recording lab provides a basic, yet functional facility designed to allow you to record lecture material in a quiet, controlled environment, free from the distraction of typical office activities. A popular use of the lab is to record voice-over presentations (Powerpoint) using Camtasia. In addition, we offer post-production services, which include editing and exporting your recordings into any number of popular formats. For your convenience, we will also post your completed files to Canvas, Moodle and/or iTunesU.

Questions? Contact

Connie Elrod, Ed.D
Instructional Designer
HU Box 12264

Carl Walker, M.Ed

Instructional Technologist

HU Box 12264


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