The Evolution of Job Skills

By: Pragna Goura

Jobs in 1955

One of the main things you might need is at least a high school diploma. Including the skills of reading and writing. This was the era when cars, computers, and mechanism just started. The companies needed mechanics.

Jobs in 1985

30 years from 1955 there was a lot more business action. The standards were higher than the past, but come nothing close to the modern world. For instance, to get a job in the industry business you must have to go to college. Know how to work with all kind of people, know how to use the developing machines.

Jobs in 2015

In todays world, to get a good job you must have a college degree and have a master. You mush have leadership, people, and technology skills. You must be able to work all kinds of technology, you must be able take matters into your own hands, and deal with all kind of people, from differnt places of the world.