Fifth Grade Newsletter

January 17, 2016

Dear Parents:

Don't forget we have half-days on Thursday and Friday this week. Lunch will be served and students will be dismissed at 12:40.


We have really been enjoying reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Most students also enjoyed the Turkish Delight that we tasted! We spent several days last week writing about it and then revising our writing.

We will be working on a collaborative project with our pen pals in Turkey. Students will create a "digital book" using Google Slides to compare and contrast life in Charlevoix and Istanbul.

Social Studies

5th grade continues to learn about explorers. We love using our Studies Weekly newspaper to help us with that! Thank you again to the Charlevoix Enrichment Foundation for purchasing these for our students.


Due to the snow day on Friday, we were unable to have the math quiz over graphing points on the coordinate plane. We will plan on taking that quiz on Monday. We will then work on graphing functions on a coordinate plane this week. Students will continue to learn about graphing patterns and relationships in the coordinate plane. The Unit 4 Summative Assessment will be during the week of January 25th.


We will focus on the parts of the atom this week and how atoms relate to The Periodic Table of the Elements. We will be spending the next couple of weeks looking at the elements that make up the Periodic Table. Students will be getting a new set of vocabulary words for the Matter Unit. They will have a paper copy of the vocabulary words as well as students will put into the flash card app.

Homework: students will have homework this week, assigned Tuesday due Thursday.

School Spelling Bee

Classroom finalists are invited to compete in the school spelling bee Thursday, January 21 at 1:00 in the media center. Parents are invited to attend.


Mrs. Garver's Class: Art

Mrs. Muladore's Class: Library/Tech


The Fifth Grade Team

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