By Elie Wiesel

How did camp life change the prisoners as a person? A family? And relationships with other human beings?

  • Many people had to change or adjust who they were to survive camp life

  • Along the way though, some lost their humanity

  • Once your humanity is gone you really lose sight on anybody but yourselves making it hard to have a relationship with anybody. You no longer have family or someone you care about.

Identify at least three themes in the novel.

  • Three themes in the book were Humanity, Death, and Survival

  • Many people had to be mentally strong through it all or else their humanity could vanish

  • Death was all around the Jews and it soon became where Death was normal for them

  • You had to survive while in camp because if you didn't then chances were you would die

What does this novel reveal about you as a human being?

  • This novel makes me realize how blessed I truly am

  • It makes me want to be a better person and dedicate myself to helping others

  • By reading this story is shows me how strong a human mind, body, and soul can be but also how cruel others can be

  • Life is very short so it would be wise to live it to the fullest