The Science Classroom

January 2016 Update from Mr. Chiclana

Mr. Chiclana the Science Teacher

I have a passion for science and have worked as a science teacher since 2005. I have only been in Georgia since July 2015 and before that I lived and worked in Central Florida which gives me the pleasure of being a certified teacher in two states. My teaching experience include working in both middle schools and high schools teaching a variety of grades 6 - 12 science courses. I have also coached many other teachers in applying instructional skills in a science classroom. I believe that students can love science if the classroom teacher focusses on the content with rigor, relevance, and especially relationship. This philosophy creates results that I am proud to stand behind.

Biology and Earth Systems

Message to parents...

It is exciting to have a new set of students for Biology and Earth Systems in the second semester at North Springs Charter High School. I believe that a student can be successful if he/she receives adequate support both in the classroom and at home while completing academic assignments. Students should be responsible for having the right tools for/from class. This means pencils, notebook, textbook, and paper. In addition, good restful sleep and breakfast in the morning is extremely important.

Parents can work as a partner with the teacher for the success of the students. This way the students have what they need to position themselves into a healthy path for the future. Therefore, let's keep in touch so that every student learns and succeeds in science.

Email me the best way for us to communicate with each other. Just reply to the email that sent you this message.

Introduction to Research Methods - For Science & Math Magnet Students

What's the plan for the New Year?

I am so happy to see all of my students back from their longer Holiday Break. I hope everyone was able to relax and send needed time with family and friends.

Now it's time to get back to work. I am happy to announce that while on break I was able to plan ahead and everyone can expect a fast pace and rigorous curriculum for IRM in the second semester. Students will have several scientist research projects to complete that will involve work at both in class and at home. They will also be introduced to "Problem Based Learning Labs" during the month of January and February.

Problem-based learning (PBL) is a student-centered pedagogy in which students learn about a subject through the experience of solving an open-ended problem. Students learn both thinking strategies and domain knowledge. I will be helping them to think critically so they may be able to apply these skills to advanced research.

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Mr. Sigfredo Chiclana,

Science Teacher

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