Non Traditional Job Myths

Cole Johnson

Myth #1

People think that men are not nurturing enough to work with children. It actually doesn't have to do with gender but with your personality.

Myth #2

Women are often seen as not strong enough for trade work or construction. These is not true at all. Woman can make adjustmets to fit this job just like a male.

Myth #3

Men who work non traditional jobs are not masculine and women not fimine. Your job is based off of skills and interest. It has nothing to do with how "manly" or "lady-like" you are.

Myth #4

Females do not have strong enough aptitude for math and science. Gender doesn't effect how smart you arw. They're are plenty of women who very smart and work great with STEM.

Myth #5

Women on job site make it difficult for men to concentrate. This myth is very wrong. Men grow up seeing women everyday, it does not affect how you work and if it does it is your problem to deal with.