Girl On The Go Party!

No need for commitment, Working around our busy lives!

So this is how it works...

Life can be very busy, making it difficult to pencil in a in home Victorian Pleasure Party. Here's the solution. I send you Product catalogues, order forms and some product samples, and give you ten days to casually show off the catalogues & samples. We set up a date and time for me to gather up the orders from you, and va la! All the hostess rewards of hosting a Victorian Pleasure Party.

Explore the website, Lingerie, and Hostess rewards! Any Party booked and held before May 15th, gets the hostess an entry to the Spring Pleasure Draw! a prize that has a retail value of $107.00 ladies! Girl on the go parties are fully apart of this, get your bookings now before I am all booked up =)

Let's meet!

Add me as a friend on Facebook to keep updated on promotions, sales, and giveaways! Feel free to call or email for inquires about hosting parties, or joining the Ottawa team. I look forward to meeting you.