Mississippi River Wildlife

A Natural Aquarium


The Mississippi River is home to many animals and plants. A large number of species of fish live there. Most of these are Piscivorous or Carnivorous. Many species who once lived in this river are extinct.

The Ecosystem

The Fish

In the Mississippi River, there are more than 241 species of Fish. Most of these are Piscivorous or Carnivorous. They usually eat small organisms or even other fish. The Catfish is an omnivore meaning it eats both animals and plants. The most common fish are the Walleyes, bluegills and Catfish.

Fishing The Water Cats

catfish huge fish on mississippi river

Fishing The Walleye

Mississippi River Giant Walleye

The Birds

Most birds on the Mississippi are Omnivorous. They are mostly ducks such as the waterfowls. the Bald Eagle also lives around the Mississippi river. They are Carnivorous and can spot their prey kilometers away.

The Mammals

Otters and Muskrats live along the Mississippi River. The otters live in groups and are Carnivorous. They eat small fish in the river. However, the Muskrats are Herbivore and eat plants and trees on the banks. The Louisiana Black Bear is a huge Omnivore that lives in the Delta.

The Vegetation

The vegetation is vital for a river. Without these, all the marine animals would not survive. The plants create oxygen and feed the herbivores. The Carnivores eat the Herbivores and so on. In the Mississippi River, the most common plants are the sedges, Pond Weeds and Millets. All the Plants are Producers.

The FoodWeb

A FoodWeb

A FoodWeb is a chain formed by the wildlife in a habitat. The Web starts with the sun, then come the plants ( Producers ) and then the animals ( Consumers ). The Apex Predator is the one that eats but is not eaten ( Lucky ).
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The Environment

The Endangered or Extinct Animals

The Mississippi River was once home to unique creatures. There are many endangered or threatened animals in the Delta such as the Louisiana Black Bear, the Piping Plover and the Great Sea Turtle. These struggle to live in the remaining natural habitat given to them.