Team N-R-G

Jamison Wellness


September Newsletter

Welcome to the premier edition of the Team N-R-G (aka wellness program) newsletter. Jamison Elementary School has had many wonderful wellness promotions over the years. Our new name will help to market our many initiatives to parents, students and our school community. We want to become a brand name!

Team N-R-G members have planned our events for the year. There will be monthly wellness promotions and students and staff will be given a challenge. We will be introducing the promotion during the first week of the month on the Jamison Today Show. The second week the students and staff will get the challenge of the month. We will be videotaping the students and staff “living out” the challenge during week 3 & 4. The Jamison Today Show is a great vehicle for some informal teaching.

You will be seeing Team N-R-G partnering with GRUBS and the Make a Difference Kids Program. Our most recent partnership founded the “Garden of Eatin”. Our Jamison families tended to the garden over the summer and we all learned a lot. Some of the food harvested was given to and was used to make meals for Aids for Friends. We had an exciting pilot year of the Garden.