spring break edition

Little did I know...

Who knew that one message could lead to something more, that one look could turn into something magical. I certainly didn't know and to my surprise neither did he. I woke up that morning with no intention of going out of state for spring break, however when i looked at my phone i saw a message that would eventually become life chaging. My crush David had texted me and asked me if i wanted to go to New York because with him and naturally i said yes. When i went to tell my parents about his offer for me to go to New York with him they surprisingly were very exited for me to go. So i emediently packed a bag and met him at the airport. When I saw him standing there I got butterflys in my stomach and ran to him. He dropped his bags and gave me a hug and asked me softly if I was ready.

When we arrived at our hotel in New York we threw our bags in our rooms and headed for Madison square garden. It was a magical experience for the both of us and I couldnt believe that it had all happened, it was like a daydream.


Even though the trip was magical it did have its bumps in the road. We some how ended up getting arrested right outside of the Empire state building for being "obnoxios" even though the people in front of us were making all of the noise. After a couple of hours went by a police officer looked at the security video and saw that it wasnt us making all of the noise and told us that we were free to go. We were glad that they corrected their mistake but we were still a little upset, however we over looked the mixup and continued our sight seeing.

Did i see that correctly?

As we were going back to our hotel I could have sworn that I saw my dad even though i knew for a fact that he was with my mom and little sister back home. However I couldnt help but start running toward whatever or whoever it was that I saw. I couldnt stop running untill eventually everything went dark. I woke up in the hospital because apparently i had passed out and David had taken me to the hospital, but dispite the fact that i had passed out i still remembered seeing my dad and i was determined to find out. The first thing i did was call my mom and ask her if my dad was still there and she told me that he had gone out of town. The next thing I did was call my dad and ask him where he was and when I called his phone I heard a phone ring behind me. When I turnned arround i saw him, just standing there. After about thirty minutes of explaining I finnally understood that he was there to watch over me and make sure I was safe.
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