A Wrinkle In Time

Story Break Down........

Hidden Symbolism

The planet Camazots along with the blank thing that surrounds it some many different things are cold which represents the evil that takes over Camazots.

"Her father's words sounded brittle in her ears, as though they were being chipped out of ice." -Wrinkle in time pg.158

This is an example of the cold that represents evil because she was all frozen after almost being taken over by the dark thing.

Allusion - The Story Behind The Dog Fortinbras

Fortinbras isn't just the name of the dog in A Wrinkle In Time Newberry winning book, it is also the name of the young prince in Hamelt by Shakespear. This allusion shows the reader that there is more to Fortinbras the dog in A Wrinkle In Time, it gives Fortinbras many character traits that the Fortinbras from Hamelt has including, loyal and brave.

"It's all right, fella. I'm not going to hurt you. The boy said to Fortinbras." -A Wrinkle In Time pg.37

This shows that when someone unfamiliar comes close to the Murry family, Fortinbras snaps into protective mode.

Theme - Love Always Wins

The theme of A Wrinkle In Time is that love will always prevail through the bad and darkness in the universe.

"Suddenly she knew! Love." A Wrinkle In Time pg.228

This quote shows that when Mrs.Whatsit gives her love to Meg that finally Meg realizes that love is the answer to get Charles back from IT.

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