Jane Goodall

A Biography By:Olivia Jungwirth

Jane's Early Life

Jane Goodall was born on April 3,1934. Even as a child, Jane dreamed of living among wild animals and writing about them.Tarzan was her favorite book, and she knew she’d be a much better jungle companion for Tarzan than that other Jane. African wildlife adventures were an unlikely calling for a little girl in the 1930-40s. But from the beginning, Jane’s mother, Vanne Goodall, was encouraging. “You can do whatever you set your mind to,” she would always say to Jane. In 1957, she set sail. The Kenya Castle docked in Mombasa on April 2. Within weeks, Jane met Louis S. B. Leakey. Louis was a famous archaeologist and paleontologist. He was amazed with Jane’s energy, and general knowledge. He hired her as an assistant and eventually asked Jane to study a group of wild chimpanzees living on a lake-shore in Tanzania. He reasoned that knowledge about wild chimpanzees, who did not have much about there life at the time.

Jane's Marriage

When Jane was working with the chimpanzees when a photographer named Hugo Van Lawick came to take photographs about Jane. Soon they became very found of each other. They got married on March 28,1964 and Jane Goodall was known as Baroness Jane van Lawick-Goodal . The couple had a son, Hugo Eric Louis (born 1967). Hugo and Jane divorced in 1974. The following year, she married Derek Bryce son (a member of Tanzania's parliament and the director of that country's National parks); he died of cancer in October 1980. Jane was 30 years old when she married Hugo.

What does Jane do now?

Jane Goodall is on the road more than 300 days per year. At any given time, she could be on any continent. On any given day, she could be speaking to a group of students, meeting with government officials to discuss conservation issues, or even sitting before television cameras being interviewed, or meeting with donors to raise money for JGI. Often, Jane holds public lectures during which she discusses her years at Gombe, Sometimes Jane even talks about her life with Hugo and Hugo Jr., or maybe the state of chimpanzees today, JGI’s programs, and each individual’s power to effect positive change. Jane is in great demand and known as an inspirational speaker who often moves her audiences to tears. Some people say their lives have been changed by Jane’s message and her example. Jane is a nice lady, jane is still alive today. Jane Goodall is 81 years old (on April 3,2015).
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Jane Goodall had/has a positive effect on society, because Jane help the world know that no matter how small or old you are you can do anything.What changed Jane's life is, If Jane was not so focused on how much she loved animals Jane would have never ever should the world that anything was possible. Additives I would use to describe Jane Goodall is amazing, thoughtful, kind, friendly, and so on, i can go on for hr. Jane Goodall want through obstacles like her husband that died and her mother and father that died, she took risks like getting close to the chimpanzee and not thinking about her life is in danger. Jane Goodall did get lucky, Jane did not get hurt by getting too close to the chimps. I chose this person because I thank that Jane Goodall is very brave and I look up to her. Jane Goodall is very special because what ever was going on like her divorce or raising her child she still studied the chimpanzees. I learned something new with Jane that she is on the rode over 300 days a year, that means that she only has like 65 or 66 days for relaxation!! That's horrible. But if there is one person that can do it i know that Jane can do it.


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