Susan B. Anthony

The Woman Who Did The Most For The Woman's Suffrage Movement

Freedom and Equality for Everyone!

Anthony wanted equality for everyone, not just for women. She fought for the abolishment of slavery and for the banishment of liquor products.

Devoted to the Cause

Susan devoted her whole life towards the cause and was willing to risk anything and everything for it. She was arrested and fined, but refused to pay. She made hundreds o speeches, and used her words powerfully.

Fighting Till Her Last Breath

Susan B. Anthony vs. Alice Paul


You might say that Alice Paul motivated the final decision, but Susan B. Anthony got the ball rolling for the movement and inspired people like Alice Paul to pursue the women's dream.
On Women's Rights to Vote - Susan B. Anthony - 1873 - Hear the Text

Words Are Powerful!

Anthony delivered hundreds of speeches per year. Each speech had a great impact on the movement, and it started to grow bigger and stronger. She continued speaking about women's suffrage until about a month of her death. She was a true fighter!
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A Creative Mind!

The brain scan to the right is a normal brain while the one to the left is Susan B. Anthony's brain. As you can see, Susan B. Anthony has a lot more activity in her noggin.

Its the 1920 Presidential election where women can finally vote.

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Women Are People, Too!

The great Susan B. Anthony once said "Men, their rights and nothing more; women, their rights, and nothing less." She wanted equality for all.