The Devouring

By Simon Holt

Book Review

This book is about a quiet, small town girl named Reggie who goes on a quest to save her possessed brother, Henry, from the Vours. The Vours are supernatural creatures who feed on peoples fear and eventually take over their body. The Vours were summoned on Sorry Night when Reggie read an old book she found as a bedtime story. Now, Reggie has to find clues in the book to helping her brother. She has the help of her best friend, Aaron, and her co-worker, Eben. My favorite character was Reggie, because we can relate a lot.

Me and Reggie can relate a lot because we both have younger brothers and we're both in high school. She doesn't have many friends but the ones she does have are very close. I'm the same way. Her and I both like to read and our favorite type of book is horror.

I really like the book because it's suspenseful and it keeps me on the edge of my seat. My favorite part was when they went in Macie Canfield's old house and they found a Vour that had been trapped. Macie Canfield is who wrote about the Vours in the book Reggie found. It was a very exciting part of the book. I recommend this book to high school students or anyone who likes horror and suspense.

Alex Sanders

Simon Holt

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