Prep 1 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Christmas Term: 9th-13th November 2015

Dates for your Diary

Tuesday, November 24th - Science Day

Tuesday, December 8th - Moving on Up Day. This is an exciting transition day for the children as they will meet their new Prep 2 teacher!

Tuesday, December 8th - Christmas Pantomime (this activity is for students only)

Friday, December 11th - Last day of school. Classes dismiss at 11:20 am

Grade Level Nativity Plays 2015

Monday, November 30th - Prep 1 SMo, 1:00 pm start

Tuesday,December 1st - Prep 1 AKo, 1:00 pm start

Wednesday, December 2nd - Prep 1 LMe, 1:00 pm start

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Happy Diwali!

It has been another exciting week in Prep 1! We had a wonderful time on Friday dressing in festive clothing to celebrate Diwali. Diwali originated in India as a celebration of light, in fact the world Diwali comes from “deepavali”, meaning “row of lamps.” It is traditionally celebrated by Hindus, Jains, Buddhists and Sikhs, although over the years it has been incorporated into many different cultures around the world. It is known as the festival of lights because in celebration people light many small clay lamps called "diyas" around their homes to represent the victory of good over evil and to invite good luck and prosperity from the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi and the God Ganesh, who represents good luck, wealth and enlightenment.

In the classroom, we continued our IPC unit 'Changes' by looking at changes in weather. We talked about how weather changes, using maps to think about how climatic changes of locality influence weather patterns and the clothing choices people make. We read 'Little Cloud' by Eric Carle and talked about the different cloud patterns and even made our own clouds and wrote about them! We went outside and made our own observations about the weather - is it hot, cold, wet or steamy?

In Mathematics we continued our unit on capacity by filling and comparing various jars (some fat, some skinny - and some short and some tall!) with various different materials and having the children make predictions about which containers would hold more/less and sharing these ideas with their classmates. We then came back together and questioned how we came to our conclusions and if our guesses were correct. We made inquiry questions such as:

  • Did things turn out the way we expected?
  • Were we surprised by the results?
  • Which jar holds more?
  • How do we know?

We then repeated this activity with water! It was all very exciting and a wonderful 'hands-on' learning experience.

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Week 13 at a glance....

Jolly Phonics Focus: /ou/

Magic 100 Word: /who/ and /see/

Virtue of the Week: Thankfulness

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