Welcome to Two Mills, Pennsylvania

The Best Place on EARTH


In Two Mills, Pennsylvania there are four commonly played sports. One of the four major sports is running. The team you want to support is The Hawkks, right now they are undefeated. Another major sport is football. The football team you should support is team Sprokketts. Baseball is another popular sport. A team I highly suggest you support is The XTREME Rebels. Last but not least Basketball. The Basketball team that you should support are the Night Walkers. Running, Football, Baseball and Basketball are the four major sports of Two Mills!


In Two Mills, there a few easy tips that will help you survive school. Tip #1: Make a lot of friends. If you have a lot of friends you won't be excluded and you have a better chance of not getting bullied. Tip #2: Always listen to the teacher. If you listen to the teacher you won't get in trouble which means you will most likely do well in school. Tip #3: Make sure you are always prepared. Being unprepared will lead to disorganization which will most likely cause your grades to decline. Tip #4: Be Outgoing. If you are shy people might not want to be your friend and you might get bullied. Tip #5: Shoot for success. If you don't try to do well in school you won't. Since grades are very important you will need to try to do well in order to survive school. Those are five tips to surviving school in Two Mills.

Music Groups and Songs

In Two Mills, Music is very popular. There are many popular music groups and songs. one of these Groups along with one of their songs is Bill Haley and his Comets with their song "Rock Around the Clock". Another popular group is the Million Dollar Quartet with their song "Jailhouse Rock". The Polka Band have their special version Polka which was very popular and so was the Polka Band. Another popular music group and song was the Everly Brothers with their song "Bye Bye Love". Those are four popular music groups and songs in Two Mills.

Restaurants and Stores

We have many wonderful restaurants and stores here in Two Mills. The restaurant and stores I am about to tell you are the best in all of Two Mills. The first restaurant is named Savona which is rated 4.5 out of 5. Savona is certainly one of the best restaurants in all of Two Mills. The second restaurant is named Granaio Italian. This restaurant is very nice and is rated 4.2 out of 5. This restaurant is also one of Two Mills best. The first store(s) is named The Promenade Shops. These stores are rated 4 out of 5. The second store(s) is the Outlet Mall which was rated 3.8 out of five. The next place is a very popular pizzeria named Cobbler's Pizzeria which is rated 4.9 out of 5! Those are five of the best Restaurants and stores in Two Mills.

Helpful Websites

Historic Instate Sites

There are many Historic sites in Pennsylvania. Here are five major historic sites:

  • Betsy Ross House
  • Gettysburg National Military Park
  • Washington Crossing Historic Park
  • Milton S. Hershey Mansion
  • Valley Forge National Historic Park

Top Topics for Conversation

In Two Mills, there are many things to talk about since it is the Best Place on Earth! The first main topic for conversations is sports. Sports are very popular and Two Mills and you can just talk about anything sport related. The second main topic for conversations is Cobbler's knot which is the huge knot that has just been untied by this kid named Jeffrey who took a nap in the middle of untiring it. What a crazy boy! The third main topic for conversations is the kid Maniac who is said to be homeless but some people say he lives with the buffalo at the zoo! He also just runs around town without stopping. The fourth main topic for conversations is your view on if the East end will storm the West End or vise versa. They have avoided each other so long just because of their races. The fifth and final main topic for conversations is new inventions. You can talk about new creations and new technology since the 1950's are so advanced. Those are five of the top topics for conversation.