Special Programs Newsletter

January 2016

Good Bye 2015

Before we leave 2015, we wanted to provide campuses with an update about our department. Please take a moment to review the information below.

PBMAS Reminder

TEA will be coming by the week of February 8th.

Special Education

Based on data from last year, we have implemented a few changes. Those changes are:

Each special education teacher has been collecting data on the students that they monitor and placing the information in a binder. This information is then easily accessible to them as they plan for upcoming ARDS, staffings, parent meeetings, etc.

RtI Advisory Team

This team has been meeting monthly to review our system/procedures for our RtI framework. We have been completing a book study: RtI From All Sides--What Every Teacher Needs to Know. Recap newsletters are sent out after each meeting to share with administrators and campus staff. If you have not already, please schedule time to meet with your RtI representative to learn about what we have been reviewing and discussing during our meetings.

504 Professional Development

Each year we need to provide campuses with an overview/training regarding 504. We are working on creating a short video that can be shared with teachers for them to view during their own time. Teachers will be required to turn in a reflection page to counselors in order to receive credit for the training.

Rethinking PD

It is difficult to find time to provide training to teachers about special programs. So, we have been brainstorming different ways that we might share information about RtI, Special Education, and 504. As a starting point, the RtI Advisory Team has received short videos that contain an overview of what we will be discussing prior to our meeting. We have also been working on creating videos less than 2 minute long to share with staff about special programs. A few about RtI have been shared with campuses, but we hope to share more as the semester progresses.

Live Binder

Below is a link to the Special Programs Live Binder. The "Access Code" for this binder is: Sheldon Special Programs (it is case sensitive and there is a space between each word).