By: Meredith Eidson


  • Education needed: I will need four years of undergraduate school at UNCW and then three years of law school at Carolina. I will have to take the bar to be able to practice in different areas in North Carolina
  • Starting salary: $60,00 I plan to work my way up from here.
  • Places I can work for: Federal, State, and Local Government.

Honda Pilot

  • Price: $41,420
  • Monthly payment: $767
  • Gas: $73
  • Insurance: $346.80
  • I have changed my dream car to a honda pilot. I have always wanted a honda accord but after already having a small car I have decided to go with a bigger car. As I get older it would be smarter to have a bigger car for my family anyways.

House at the Beach

  • Price: $2,595,000
  • Monthly mortgage: $16,126.14
  • Utilities: $200
  • Cable: $70
  • Ever since I was little I have always wanted to live at the beach. As I have gotten older my love for the beach has grown. I would love to live at the beach!

Vacation to Greece

  • The flight is going to cost $1,651.70 for round tickets
  • To stay for 15 days it is going to cost $2,850. That is at a rate of $190 a night.
  • I would say I would need at least $600 for food in Greece.
  • I need to start saving for my trip to Greece. I have always wanted to go there and I plan to make my dream come true.