win, land and sea breeze,local and global winds

local and global winds

There are two types of wind local and global. local winds are caused by an unequal heating pattern . The winds occur in a small area which effects temperature . local wind break off into land and sea breeze. When the temperature of the land is warmer then the water, the land air rises and the water air takes its place, This is a sea breeze. A land breeze is the completely the other way around. If the water air is warmer then the land, the water air rises and the land air replaces the water air. These events are both caused by unequal heating patterns, but the land breeze occurs in in a cold climate for land . While the sea breeze occurs in a warm climate for land. An example of local winds are mountain and valley breezes.

The global winds are the second type of winds, which are caused by the coriolis effect. The coriolis effect is the curving of wind, which is what happens to global winds. An example of this is the trade wind, these are winds that blow east to west and are caused by the global winds. people use this to travel and trade.