Principal: Robin Hewitt A.P. Lucus Wilkins

Bus Colors and Routes Can be downloaded below or found in front of Guidance

1925 Teal Bus

1110 Tan Bus

1332 Green Bus

1431 Red Bus

1436 Silver Bus

1642 Black Bus

1719 Yellow Bus

1835 Orange Bus

1847 Purple Bus

1924 Pink bus

1926 Blue Bus

1927 Brown Bus

2145 Grey Bus

2222 Burgundy Bus

2223 Turquoise Bus

Bus Routes AM and PM

If you dont see your bus route please call transportation 863-534-7300

I know everyone is exited to start the new school year. We are asking you to please have the parent use our Call Center for Busing Information until August 20th. They can call 863-534-7300 to get their students bus information or they may look in the Parent Portal.

Car Riders

Everyone Needs a New Car Tag This Year

All Car Riders are getting new tags, please stop by the music room to get a new Car Tag.

Van Riders

After Care that drop off and pick up from Bethune

B&G Club

Epic Dance

North Ridge

Full Attitude Tai Kwan Do

Kids Academy

Haines City Academy

Haines City Karate

If your child is Designated as a Walker

Please sign and return this letter to the Homeroom Teacher due by the first day of school.