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February Staff Birthdays...

Happy Birthday!!!

Feb. 1 Ashley Miller

Feb. 6 Tina Hamilton

Feb. 15 Colleen Adams

Feb. 27 Melinda Manley

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Sem: A Collaborative Culture...

Way to go Sem Team!!! We are truly working as a collaborative culture, working interdependently to achieve a common goal. I would like to celebrate the efforts of our SST team including classroom teachers engaging in these meetings. During SST, each person is dedicated to a common goal of creating an intervention plan that is designed to meet each students' specific needs. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED DEDICATION TO OUR STUDENTS!!!

Our classroom teachers have come prepared with evidence of student learning, current interventions, a commitment to focusing on results and ready to adjust the intervention plans needed to positive impact student learning, behavior,social/emotional growth.

Our Resource teachers have come prepared with ideas for intervention plans and are a valuable resource for setting measurable goals, creating action plans and ways of monitoring those plans. They have also been willing to assist classroom teachers with creating materials needed for the student's plan (success charts).

Our support staff (Mrs. Pierce, Mrs. Buckelew, Mrs. Chapa) take time prior to SST to meet with teachers regarding students and assist with identifying target areas for interventions. During SST, these staff members assist with developing intervention plans based on student needs.

Shout out to ...

Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Cristen Parks for coming to SST meetings and supporting with developing intervention plans for students.

Mrs. Young for supporting with developing intervention plans for students and maintaining records for receiving support through the SST process.

Mrs. Denton for being diligent to take notes that we can go back to reference our conversations and supporting in the development of instructional intervention plans for students.

Together we are all working towards what's best for each and every SEM student. Your dedication and hard work is noticed and appreciated!

Sem Teachers: Know Students By Name and Need...

Important Information...

BookFair: February 8-12

Valentine's Day Party: Feb. 12th - see schedule attached in email with SMORE link

Meeting Notes

NEW Team Leader Notes are added to the shared drive

NEW Staff Meeting Notes are added to the shared drive

Character Kid of the Month: February 19th

Please send names to Ashley Young by Thursday, Feb. 11.

Hoppin' and Poppin' Into Next Week...

* Counselors Week is this week!!!

Monday, February 1

Drill Day

Front Office Staff Meeting

Tuesday, February 2

Principal Learning Team Meeting - Gonzales

5th Grade Go to Maus at 9am

Wednesday, February 3

AP Learning Team Meeting - Miller

CIT Meeting 3:05

Thursday, February 4

5th Grade Reading Simulation

BookFair Teacher Preview - after school

Friday, February 5

Meeting w/Teams: Review Sem Behavior Management Procedures

BookFair Teacher Preview - after school

SST (Riggs/Aucoin)