Firefighter- My Future Career

By Destiny Velez


Growing up I loved to be a hero. My favorite superhero is spiderman, so how was i suppose to be like him? I know becoming a firefighter. They have always save peoples lives and keeps people safe. I've wanted to be a firefighter since i was 7 and ever since i get fit body wise and brian wise to reach my goals.

Career Research

Daily Tasks and Responiblity

  • Check all their gear
  • Check if everything works properly
  • Clean the station and fire trucks
  • Do their paperwork
  • Work out
  • Make and eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner

At any giving time if they are called for a fire. They stop what they are doing and react to the emergency. When they come back they can go back to doing whatever they were doing.

Work Environment

The work environment can be dangerous but also fun. But the firefighter might not know when he's or her last day might be. They are all like one big family and always keep each other safe. It is hard to say that they can be safe all the time but they can always have fun doing what they love.

Education and Training

Quoting Tim Ude " Most departments require you to be at least 21 and under 35 years of age, have at least 60 hours of college credit, a Paramedic License, Drivers License, Clean backround check. Must Pass a written exam, Physical exam, pass a Psychological evaluation and polygraph(lie detector) test. Once hired there is usually a probationary period (typically 1 year) and you must attend and pass the fire academy." Which explained everything from education to training.

Preferred Job Skills

  • Athletic- in great physical shape
  • Great in fire science- smart with fires and safety towards fires
  • A great speaker- Talking to strangers and saving them

Job Outlook


$50,000 per year
2013 Firefighter Recruit Academy

High School Preparation


Most High Schools have these class options. For a firefighter you need to be in shape and to know about fire science. Also learning about the body and figuring out how to be safe. It helps me be in good shape and learn a lot about all different types of science. Theses are classes you should take

  • Athletic P.E.
  • Physical Management
  • Spanish 1, 2, and 3
  • Honor Science

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Spanish Club
  • Sports

Teens who want to come firefighters should learn different language so they can talk to more people if someone has an emergency and the student can speak to them in Spanish if needed. Also sports keeps the student in shape and makes them more athletic.

Work/Volunteer Experience

There are many different type of Jobs that have to do with public Safety. There can be many jobs for a student can do if he or she. Such as helping at a local firer station to help them clean up that might not be the job you want but it is good to get information and get well known to other people.

A quote from Tim Ude showing in a fire station they all be come family "The people you work with are like a second family."


  1. Tim Ube- Firefighter, Melrose Park

  2. Mr. Reeves- Honor Science Teacher, School District #212

  3. Rocky- Firefighter, Melrose Park

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My Post-Secondary Plan

Most firefighters are related with other firefighter or police. it is extremely hard to get in depending on the location you are at. Tim Ude says," Typically a city, village, or municipality has to establish a list or test for the position every two years. Depending on the size of the city anywhere from 100 to 15000 people might show up to test even though the department might not even be hiring."

During the interview with Tim, he had stated, " My advice is to Get your paramedic license and take Every test you can. They offer Fire Science degrees in College. While these are extremely helpful I would recommend getting a degree in something else so you can have another career on your days off. Being familiar with the trades and having knowledge of mechanical things is very helpful."

This shows i have many community colleges i can look forward to going to and getting the degrees to help me out. Also to have a better chance to be hired. Here are few colleges i have my eyes on.

  • Trition
  • College of Dupage
  • University of Illinois


Throughout all the information i learned i will still stick to wanting to become a firefighter. Yes researching is part of learning about your future job which was many websites to help me find simple answers. But with the amazing interviews with Mr. Ude and Mr. Reeves gave me the most information to learn about if i truly want to become a firefight. Also talking to Tim especially for telling me this that inspires me to chance my dreams. " If you want something work hard and go get it, as soon as possible. Firefighting is Extremely competitive. Be prepared for the medical side. 90+ % of all the calls we go on are medical in nature."