Safety Updates

Chandler Elementary

Awesome Job!

I would like to thank each and everyone of you for the awesome job you did on Friday during our lock down. I have never heard the building so quiet! The district safety team met this morning to debrief the response and there were many positives to share across our district.

No situation is perfect and there are always areas we can improve. These are some notes that were shared from around the district:

  • Be sure to utilize the red/green cards: GREEN=All is well, RED=problem (health, safety, etc)
  • Students should be huddled in a corner away from doors and windows
  • You should not be teaching in the dark
  • Cell phones should be silent (do not accept or make calls) Do not call/text other teachers on other campuses to check on your personal children. A ringing phone or voice could give away your location.
  • Teachers whose rooms are close to playground: Check the playground for students or maintenance workers & get them inside. Once the LOCKDOWN button is pushed in front office, teacher key cards do not work.
  • Ignore all bells, fire alarms etc. Wait for announcement from front office or KPD.
  • Update your RED folder: Every 6 weeks or when you gain/lose a student
  • RED folder should travel with you during every drill
  • Be sure to check on and inform neighboring substitute teachers of safety protocols.

Field day is coming, please be aware of your surroundings and let us know of any domestic issues or concerns.

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