My first Bass

When I was seven years old I was at WestField I was out in the lake fishing for bluegill with nothing but warms and a small hook and my water bottle. A half an hour later I got a strong nibble that woke me up when I was getting tired. Than ten minutes later I got that nibble again but it was harder than before than again until I gotten sick of it. Than once it nibbled again that’s when I pulled as hard as I could than I got it. I was reeling it in fast but, carefully so it wouldn’t snap the line than when I got it up to the boat I saw that it was a bass. I was so excited that I pulled it into the bucket and went straight for land than I asked my grandpa to help lift the bucket of the paddleboat so when my grandpa takes it out it wouldn’t jump back into the water after he got it far enough away of the water he pulled it out to measure it when he did it said 17 inches everyone was so proud of me even I was so proud of myself that i called it a day.

My first Northern

My experience when I hooked my first Northern was very very tough to reel it into the boat so my grandpa would grab the fishing net so he could get it on the boat. When we got it on the boat he helped me get the hook out and he showed me how to hold it without getting bit by its teeth.

So when I was holding it my grandpa took a picture of me so I won’t ever forget the time when I hook my first Northern. When I got back to the cabin we had to measure it but it wasn't long enough to keep they said it had to be twice its size but I didn't care I couldn’t stop thinking that I caught a Northern for my first time. When I woke up I still remember the Northern and the feelings it made me felt like the water that it splashed on me the wind when we got back everything even the smell of the lake it felt good like I past one of my goals for fishing.