Media Overload

Late Nights, Bright Screens

Bella Schoen-Kiewert

Late nights, bright screens. Too many teens are allowed a privilege to own a cell phone, tv, a laptop, etc. And while owning either one of these electronics, teens either take it for granted and it has a negative impact on them. Misspelled grammar in school, no sleep which leads to a lack of focus in school and not doing homework to text your friends.

The more time you spend on your phone using abbreviations, the more time you spend typing it, the more it will sneak its way into your classwork. And the more it is used in your classwork or homework, the more of a chance you’ll get of a failing grade because you didn’t know how to spell something correctly. If you keep you keep using all of these common abbreviations, they’ll stay with you. Whenever you’re trying to write your finals, an application essay for college or your first job, you probably won’t pass it, be accepted into the school, or be able to earn the job because you don’t know how to spell because your vocabulary consists of these “words”.

More than enough teens that spend their time when they need to sleep, on twitter, instagram, or watching netflix. Teens need an average of 8-10 hours of sleep on a regular basis to keep healthy. But, teens usually get around 4-6 hours of sleep if they’re being occupied by a cell phone or any other device. Sleeping 4-6 hours is definitely not healthy. Teens need as much sleep as they can get. Not getting enough sleep can lead to a lot of things. Skipping it can be very harmful to your body, the affect can even be deadly. You can look like a wreck, be very moody, and act in a way that your friends and family don’t want to be around you. Not getting enough sleep can also hurt your school work and test scores. All of this leads to a lack of focus. In life, and in school work.

Whenever teens attempt to do their homework, they are usually very easily distracted by the noises coming from the tv and a buzzing phone. The urge to pick up your phone is very strong. Once you start texting, you can’t stop. You can’t always tell your teachers that you “left” it at home but you actually didn’t do it. Most teens are suffering in school because they don’t do their homework. More than a handful of teens are.

Teens who own any electronic can get no sleep then suffer in school, have bad grammar, and “forget” about their homework. This is inadequate, it needs to change. Maybe teens can turn off their phone after like 9 or 10 o’clock so they can get enough sleep and be in a good mood for the next coming day. Also, maybe cut down on texting so your grammar isn’t horrible later on. Maybe turn your phone on silent, turn it off, or even leaving your phone in another room so you don’t get an urge to pick it up and forget about your homework.

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