Stop To Drink And Start To Think

There's No Good, Just Bad

Family Problems

Children who have parents that are alcoholics, may witness fighting between the two parents or even and older sibling. This can do damage to the their education, by making the child not think straight because of all the fighting and problems. That child would maybe have to think about going to a guidence counselor, or even talking to a freind or another family member. It's not good to have a child have watch their mom and dad fight, so they should always do something about it.

Long-Term Effects For The Liver

When you are abusing alcohol, a long term effect you can have is, cirrhosis of the liver. This is when your liver is growing scar tissues instead of healthy liver cells. having this isn't good if you already have breathing problems or some sort of disease. You may have a harder time breathing with the damage of cirrhosis of the liver. Also from abusing alcohol, you can recieve liver damage or even liver cancer.

Hangover? No!

When you have a hangover, it's a short-term effect of alcohol abuse. The body rids itself of alcohol when a hangover occurs. Some side affects might be, nausea, vomiting, physical weakness, headache, rapid heart rate, nervousness, and inability to concentrate. These side affects can come to a pretty bad point when you could get injured or even die. I suggest to not drink all the alcohol that gives you a hangover.

This website shows effects on alcohol and physical ans social risks from drinking alcohol. It also states what causes alcoholism and that could be an interesting thing to let childern and adults know.

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