5H Weekly News

7th February 2016

Dear Parents,

Happy Lunar New Year! I hope you all have a wonderful break. Next week will be a short week, but we still have plenty to do! If we don't quite get through all of the work listed below, it will carry over to the following week.

The Week Ahead


Students will multiply decimals with two decimal places by tens, hundreds, and thousands. They will also begin to divide decimals by 1-digit whole numbers.


We will review our chocolate milk essays by using a checklist for argument writing. We will reflect on the progress students have made since their pre-assessment for this unit. Finally, we will start generating ideas for independent research-based argument essays. Students will have the chance to choose their own topic for this.


We will finish our novel study, Maurice on the Moon. Groups will continue to work on reading and analyzing their group novels. We will try to focus specifically on asking questions as we read. Our science work for this week will also require some non-fiction reading for research.

Science/Social Studies

In science, we will research resources on the moon, and consider the challenges of building a lunar colony. Groups will work (in their social studies moon colony characters) to plan the buildings that they will be responsible for. Students will also use a styrofoam ball to show that they understand the phases of the moon.

A brief summary of some learning resources we use in class

These are just a few of the resources we use. Students can spend time using these at home, so please encourage them to do so when appropriate. Sometimes these activities will be set as homework.

Sum Dog - You have probably seen your child playing on this game-based site that we use mostly for math practice (reading practice is also available). Sometimes the challenges are set by the teacher, but students can also set their own skills that they would like to practice. They have been encouraged to choose skills that are not too easy, and not too hard.

Read Theory - This is an adaptive reading comprehension resource. There are thousands of grade-leveled passages for students to read and answer quizzes on. They get moved up to the next grade level if they score over 90% on a quiz, and moved down if they score below 70%. It is really important for students to concentrate when using this.

Grammar Flip - A course of 50 self-paced grammar lessons with instructional videos and assessment quizzes. The progress is recorded, so I can see where students need further reinforcement.

Scoot Pad - Adaptive practice in math and language. We have recently started using this, and it is going well so far!

Front Row - Many students were already familiar with this math site from 4th Grade. A recent large-scale study by an independent organization in America showed that this is really beneficial for students.

Type To Learn - Self-paced typing lessons and practice.

Reading Rewards - An online reading log that students can complete at home or at school.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday 17th February - Hearts to Serve assembly for students

Monday 29th February -Tuesday 1st March - Faculty work days, no school for students

Friday 4th March - ES Dongdaewon Fair

Friday 25th March - Good Friday, no school

Monday 28th March - Friday April 1st - Spring break, no school