Deconstructing Media: WWII Posters

Myles Kullander | Social Studies 6A | 8 November 2013

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Media Consumer's Toolkit

Who is the producer of the medium?

The producer of the medium is the government trying to help the army.

What is the message?

The message of the poster is to tell people that it will help the army if you donate metal.

What is the purpose of the medium (to persuade, entertain, and/or inform)?

The purpose is to persuade people to donate, and to inform people that metal helps.

Who is the target audience?

The target audience is the civilians with random extra metal that they are not using.

What is your emotional reaction to the image?

I do not have an emotional reaction because the poster is just telling people that the metal

helps, so it is not anything that is sad or happy.

How might others view the message differently?

People might think that the army is just takng the metal to kill but they are using it to do many other things like to help build bunkers and planes.

What is left out of the message?

The message does not tell us what they use the metal for, so we have to guess what they do with it.

What techniques did the media producer use to convey the message?

The producer used color, angles, visual effects and text.

Image Citation

Stoops, Herbert Morton. Back 'em up with more metal.. [Washington, D.C.]. UNT Digital Library. Accessed November 8, 2013.