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Author Biography

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Veronica Roth

Veronica Roth was born in New York as the youngest of three children but grew up in Illinois. She graduated with a degree in creative writing. Divergent was her first novel to come, and after the world fell in love with divergent. Insurgent and Allegiant came shortly after. These three books completed her first hit series.


This book takes place from late fall through winter. The beginning of the book is in their city that we no as Chicago but to them its a surviving city from the purity war. In the beginning it takes place mainly at the Erudite headquarters where the Factionless are currently ruling. While they are in Chicago they also use the Hancock building for the secret meetings of the faction loyal group, the allegiant.

As the book progresses they discover the actual world outside the fence but its not the same life as what we see everyday. This part of the book mainly takes place at the bureau, which is the headquarters of their cities experiment.

  • The point of view is 1st person limited. This means the characters are telling the story and they no as much as we do. Also in this book the chapters alternate between Tobias and Tris this is a way of foreshadowing to one characters future.


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Main characters

Tris short for Beatrice is one of the narrators. She a 16 year old girl with no family. Her parents died in the previous books and she has a brother who betrayed her for his own reassurance of safety. Since Tris is a divergent she has many different characteristics. From her birth faction abnegation you can see the selflessness in her that she portrays throughout the book in tough situations. Also from her transfer faction, dauntless you can see her being brave and skilled in the feild physically and mentally.

Another character is Tobias (four) he is the other narrator. Like Tris Tobias has a rough family. Though he has no siblings his parents are both liars and power seekers. In the book they both go against each other to rule the city and you'll see Tobias in many conflicts over them. The only person he has is his girlfriend Tris. But from a lack of family as a child he has trust issues and this will also contribute to conflicts in the book. Because of his dad who beat him to make him stronger Tobias he's to self conscious of everything he does this influences some hasty decisions he made in the book and it makes him hard to understand who he is.

Secondary Characters

Incidental characters

  • Edward
  • Edith Prior
  • Myra
  • Becks
  • Susan
  • Mathew
  • George
  • Amanda Ritter
  • Robert
  • Zeke
  • Johanna
  • Rose
  • Stephanie
  • Eric
  • Reggie
  • Mary
  • Chuck
  • Therese
  • Drea


When Tris and Tobias are united again they join a secret group that is loyal to the factions that are currently being destroyed by Evelyn and the facitonless. Led by Cara and Tori the group wants to figure out the secrets of the city and regain power. Tris, Four, Uriah, Christina, Peter, Caleb, and Tori make an escape to outside the wall. Finally they make it out and meet Zoe and Amar who take them to the Bureau. There they find the real truth about who they are and where they came from. They figure out that some of them are genetically damaged and they were in the city as an experiment so eventually they all could be purified.While there, a girl name Nita tricks Tobias into helping her with a plan even with Tris being against it. After Tobias completes his task he realizes Nita was trying to kill everyone. But Tris comes before it could happen. Because of her heroism she gets on David's good side and is able to join the council. Realizing David and the council wants to restart the city by erasing everyone's memory Tris goes behind their backs. With the remains of the people she came with, they conduct a plan to save their city and destroy the experiment.



The conflict in this book is how Tris and Tobias wanted to find out the history of the their city. This led to the primary conflict of trying to save to save their city. When they are at the bureau they discover that they lived in a giant scientific experiment and this leads them to find out about the genetically purified and damaged. And when the experimenters want to reset the city Tris and Four try to stop them and that is the primary conflict of the book.


The secondary conflict of the book is the problems between the genetically purified and damaged. The GD's happened after there was to much crime and they wanted to fix it but it made those people worse. So they put them in a city experiment after there was a huge war between the two groups. The conflict was them fighting inside the city.


An internal conflict was Tris deciding if she should save her brother from being killed in the beginning or let him die.

Another conflict was Four trying to decide which of his parents to fix in order to regain peace in the city. Either the one who lied to him and didn't help him or the one who beat him and made him self-conscious.


An external conflict was between Evelyn with the factionless and the Allegiant with her husband Marcus. They were fighting over the power of the city.

Another conflict between Tris and Four. Their conflict was if he should help Nita because Tris did not trust her but Tobias thought her decisions were blurred.

Literary Techniques


I hope that she isn't brewing false hope. Pg 109


He still smiles all the time, but now his smiles look like they're made of water, about to drip down his face. Pg 53

Its like the landscape is and interrupted sentence, one side is dangling in the air, unfinished, and the other, a completely different subject. Pg 101


The thought that creeps into my mind is like a slivering creature- maybe we would have become better people. People who wont betray their own sisters. Pg 227

Its strange how a word, a phrase, a sentence, can feel like a blow to the head. Pg 301

The broken buildings in the dauntless sector look like doorways to to other worlds. Pg 69

The photographs move so fast, like book pages fluttering in the wind. Pg 264

We move closer together like sections of a tightened shoelace. Pg 91

My heart throbs like a second heartbeat from the bullet graze. Pg 97

The pavement between them is broken in pieces like a cracked eggshell. Pg 185


It's a stupid thing when there are so many people to miss instead, but I miss this train already, and all the others that carried me through the city, my city. Pg 89


"If she does i'll die of shock," Christina says coldly. Pg 193

I feel like the slightest thing could make me jump right out of my skin. Pg 55

"And now," he says, "we get to walk up a million flight of stairs." Pg 57

After I land, I don't have a second to rest before the walls close in around me, the wood slamming into my spine, and then my head, and then my leg. Pg 70


  1. I am wearing a gray shirt, blue jeans, black shoes- new clothes, but beneath them, my dauntless tattoos. It is impossible to erase my choices. Especially these. - Tobias This shows how he regrets and is afraid of his past from his dad to being at dauntless. Pg 23
  2. "Listen I used to think about giving my life for thing, but i didn't understand what 'giving your life' really was until it was right there, about to be taken from me," said, Tris. This shows who she used to be and how she has changed. Pg 28
  3. The woman turns her face towards the light, and I see that she is Tris. Blood spills over her lips and curls around her chin. Her bloodshot eyes find mine and she wheezes "Help". This is a dream of Tobias, this is foreshadowing that Roth used. Pg 74
  4. Which is the ability to make sacrifices to the greater good. If we are going to win this fight against GD, if we are going to save the experiments from being shut down, we will need to make sacrifices.- David This is another example of foreshadowing that is important to the plot, not only is he talking about Tris for the future his is talking about himself to. Pg 326
  5. The reset Procedure, a memory erasing procedure designed to make an experiment participant more fit for the experiment. - This explains what the whole experiment is about. Pg 223


There were many messages in this book. One that I saw a lot is that you cant change people and people are good in their own way. One example of this was trying to fix all the crime and bad in the world so they altered their genes this made them worse and caused a war, showing it was fine the way they were. Finally when there was peace they still thought the GD's were bad and made the experiment cities to fix them. But in Chicago no one knew there was perfect and non perfect people and they treated each other fairly, they were all equal even if some were genetically damaged. This also showed when Tobias found out he was a GD but Tris showed him he was still the same person he was before and nothing can change that. This book is about identity and everyone has flaws.

Textual Connections

text to world

This book reminds me of the US in the 1950's. At that time there was major discrimination towards African Americans. Like that they treat the genetically damaged like there a mistake and not as important.

With a sign over it that says, security check point. I don't understand why they need so much security if they're already protected by two layers of fence, one of which is electrified, and a few layers of guards.- This shows our world and all of our security because of our problems she doesn't get she thinks there should be trust and maybe that should happen.

Because every government I have none has done bad things.- There is always a major war going on in the world with different governments.

And there's alot of crime, which is blamed on the GD's. There are police too, but they can only do so much.- this is like our city only instead of GD's some would say the poor.

text to self

I wonder if fears ever go away or they just loose there affect on us. -Tris, I always wonder the same thing because when I was a kid there were many things I feared but now they have gone away and changed.

I see the ground stretching beneath us, everything getting smaller by the second. My mouth hangs open and I forget to breathe.- I felt like this the first time on a plane, I wasn't scared only shocked in awe.

Sort of beautiful aren't they? she says. Before I came here I'd never seen a deer.- Its weird because I see a deer everyday by my house and she has never seen one. But it was the same when i went to Florida with all the lizards.

text to text

Maybe its true. Maybe were strangers wherever we go.- This is like the show the fosters with foster children not feeling like they can belong.

I am so used to needles that I don't react.- Like in the fault in our stars another book I've read having cancer she is always being tested on and it doesn't bother her.

Christina rests her head on the edge of Uriah's mattress, her slender body collapsing sideways.- Like in Divergent when will her boyfriend dies it could happen again.