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Our amazing Alleghany County

Alleghany county

Is a great place to vist                


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Area: 236 sq miles                                     The area was founded in 1859                            Population: 11,052                     

adjacent counties

Grayson county V,A is North of Alleghany county   Surry county N,C is East of alleghany county   Wilkes county N,C is South of Alleghany county   Ashe county N,C is West of Alleghany county


Great places to visit, Alleghany historical musemum, Blue ridge music center, Alleghany fiddlers convenition, Cristmas craft fair, Mud sling

Human Interaction

Bowling alle, The Park, The Corn maze, Brown, The pines, Misaraados, We wear casual clothes


Major Hyw& US 21,US 221, NC 18, NC 89, NC 88, NC 93, NC113 ( Higgins Road, Crab Creek Road )    We travel by car 


We live in the mountain regions of N.C. South East region of the country