Oneida Community

Religious Commune

Community Construction

All members of the community were expected to do work, each according to his or her abilities. Women tended to do much of the domestic duties. Yet, more skilled jobs tended to remain with an individual member. The members usually rotated through the more unskilled jobs, such as working in the house, or on the fields, or the various industries.

Major Beliefs and Practices

The Oneida Community believed that Jesus had returned in the year 70 AD, making it possible for them to bring about Jesus' Millennial Kingdom themselves, so that they could live free of sin in a perfect world, not just Heaven.

Another major belief that the Oneida Community followed was the idea of "Free Love". this means that any member was free to have a sexual relationship with any other who consented. It was most often that the older men and women would teach the teenage boys and girls about sex.

Important Leaders

John Humphrey Noyes- Noyes was the founder of the Oneida Community in 1848.

Origins and End

The Oneida Community was a religious group founded by John Humphrey Noyes in 1848 in Onieda Community in New York. They were forced to disband in in 1878 because of a tornado. Now they are known for making silverware with their company name, Oneida Limited. They no longer follow their old beliefs.

Oneida Community