created by: Grace Lester and Sammie Crampes ♥


  • Austria is a small country and is knowed for it beautiful mountain scenery!
  • Austria has many lovely mirror like lakes, but much of the thick trees cover most of the land in Austria
  • Austria got their independence on November 12, 1918
  • when ever it is day time for us it is night time for them!
  • Austria's import: machinery and equipment, motor vehicles, chemicals, metal goods, oil and oil product, foodstuff
  • Austria's population growth rate: 0.02
  • Capital of Austria is: Vienna
  • Official language of Austria is: german
  • Area is : 32,383 miles
  • Elevation is: highest-Grossglockner, 12,461
  • The climate: mild to warm summers, cold winters, moist through out the year, more moderate temperatures in western and central Austria
  • Population is current estimate--- 8,486,000
  • National Anthem ---"land der berge, land am strome'' ("land of mountains, land at the river")

sources: www.worldbookonline.com