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Street Names For Heroine.

There are many different ways of naming drugs the most popular word that people use now to describe this is called a "street name". Street names are just different names that people use to replace for a drugs name. For example you can have a lot of street names some examples of street names for Heroin would be Smack,Dope(also a way of describing Marijuana),Black Tar and Dragon. These are the most common street names that people will use for describing Heroine.

Interesting Facts!

1.) Almost 9.2 million people in the world use Heroin.

2) Many people that are teens or that are in their early 20's use Heroin.

3.) Heroin can be injected,sniffed or smoked.

4.) When addicts of Heroin or any other drug stop using the drugs they use they start feeling weird symptoms like vomiting.

5.) Heroin was first found in 1989 by the Bayer Pharmaceutical of Germany.

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