Friday Happy Hour!

Friday March 20, 2015

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Hi Golden Gems!
Friday March 20th is the Spring Equinox and marks the first official day of spring. It makes me giggle typing this out as it is snowing outside my office window. LOL. Snow or no snow-- I know that warmer weather is on the horizon and spring fashion is starting to creep into the minds of ladies everywhere!

Take a minute for me and remember WHY you joined Stella & Dot.

- Guilt free girl time
- Some extra spending money to not feel guilty about dipping into family funds
- Saving for a vacation
- Wanting to be a part of something as Joyful as Stella & Dot

Whatever your reason, I can't stress enough how important it is to keep this reason close to your heart.

This upcoming quarter mirrors our Holiday season. April, May and June are GREAT months to have shows. Want my sisterly advice?? If you are a hobbyist and don't hold shows often-- host them these months!! If you are a part time stylist and host shows often, host even more these upcoming months! It is a great time to fulfill your WHY even more!!

Cheers to a fabulous weekend!

PS- For our newbies-- you are already receiving a weekly training calendar from the Home office, various weekly newsletters/communications from our uplines and possibly oodles of notifications from the various Facebook groups. This is my weekly newsletter for our specific team! Let's jump into some fun and inspiring things that I wanted to share!
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Flip Flop to Friday

Congrats to everyone who worked to move her business forward this week. Our week long Flash challenge was to book new March and April shows between Monday and today. We booked 16 new shows for March and April (and many others for future months!).

Congrats to these ladies for adding shows to their pipeline!

Stacey Floris 1 raffle for April show
Samantha Jacoby - 1 raffle for April show
Kathleen Landis- 1 raffle for April show
Meagan Apple- 2 raffles for March show
Sarah Pauw- 2 raffles for March show
Gail Gorski Cushing- 1 raffle for April show
Elizabeth Haggie- 6 raffles for 3 new March shows
Millie Pampaloni- 1 raffle for April show
Tami Btj- 1 raffle for April show
Dana Fellows- 1 raffle for April show
Monica Wishard Mutschler- 3 raffles for a new March & new April show
Michele Brennan- 1 raffle for April show
Pamela Meester- 1 raffle for April show

Watch our below video for the winner.....
Flip flop winner

Welcome to the New Stylists who have joined our team in March!

Welcome to our team! We are all here to help support and motivate you! Your upline Sponsor will be bringing you through New Stylist training, but feel free to check out the below New Stylist training call-- which is also offered to everyone on our team!

And virtual yellow balloons go out their sponsors Tanna, Meagan, Millie, Dana and Angie. Balloons are given as tokens and symbols of celebration and accomplishment! Enjoy this virtual balloon as a celebration for sponsoring our newest team members! The color YELLOW is associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy, which represents so many of the feelings when we become a new stylist and when we mentor new stylists! It is also the color of friendship. Yellow is luminous, just like our other favorite color-- gold!

Gemstone New Stylist Training call

Yours truly will be leading Tysh's Gemstone New Stylist training call this Monday night! Feel free to dial in!
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Have you earned your Summer Sampling Coupon?

Let me remind everyone about a special program at Stella & Dot! It's our Quarterly sample discount coupon!

With our Sample Discount Coupon, earn $500 in samples for only $99 when you sell 2,000 QV, cumulatively over each seasonal quarter.

The current quarter is January + February + March. If you sell 2,000 PQV during this time period, you will earn this coupon to buy $500 in summer samples (launching in April) for $99. Insane, right?!?

Congrats to these gals for already earning this coupon!

Nandini Collins

Gina Bogda

Pamela Meester

Dana Fellows

Angie Dorey

Leslie Saunders

Katina Byram

Samantha Peat

Lassie Pappas

Karen Evanoff

Melanie Fink

Gail Cushing

Kelly Palmquist

Millie Pampaloni

Nicole Dilger

Gretchen Mcdonel

Ashley Martz

Kathryn Vanlenten

Not sure how close you are? Log into the Stylist Lounge and head to REPORTS > MY MONTHLY REWARDS and scroll to the bottom to see if you have unlocked your "Sample DIscounts- Summer" Coupon!

Cheering on our Golden Gems!

These gals are less than $250 away from earning the coupon!

Leslie Francis

Candice davenport

Kristen Jardine

Patricia Cardina

Jessica Merritt

Natalie DeLaurentis

Janine Stanley

These gals are less than $500 away from earnings the coupon!

Tanya Way

Jennifer LaGrasso

Ashley Zurawski

Christine Gaccione

Kathleen Landis

These gals are less than $1000 away from earning the coupon!

Amanda Franek

Dana Yodice

Christina Kearney

Stephanie Couch

Stacey Floris

Elizabeth Haggie

Jillian Wells

Denise Daunt

Dianna Haws

Tara Williams

Monique Jean-Pierre

Tanna Walker

Katherine Harner

Courtney Crespo

Amy Russoniello

It's not too late to books those shows and collect orders!

20th day of the month-- check out who is top in Sales for our team!

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20th day of the month-- check out who is top in Sponsoring and Shows for our team!

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Have a great weekend GEMS!