Roberts Library Update

Week of January 21st

Library Lessons This Week

We will continue to work on reading our Great Texas Mosquito List titles.

No chromebooks will be needed during library this week.

Do You Use the Remind App?

The buzz on Twitter this past week is that Remind is going to end text notifications for their Verizon customers. If you currently use the Remind app to communicate with parents, this could cause a disruption for you. The work around for now is that you ask parents to turn on email notifications and ask them to check emails frequently.

In true teacher form, we are storming the Twitter feed of Verizon demanding they correct whatever is causing the friction between the two companies. I have heard they are considering working around the issue so that service is not disrupted. We shall see. I will keep you informed.

Introducing the 2018-2019 Name That Book Teams

I have made the final selections for our Name That Book teams. Permission slips will be sent early this week. If any parents do not consent to their child participating, I will choose a replacement team member. A HUGE THANK YOU to Mrs. Carter for offering to sponsor our

K-2 team (and Mrs. Mitchamore who offered to be my backup)!

K-2 Team:

Ryan Sealy

Remy Crossler

Logan Rude

Boyd Hill

Kamila Ramos-Soto

Bella Aguilera

Adrian Olguin

3-4 Team:

Hazel Meservy

Hong Xing Kim

Yashir Villa

Audrey Washington

Mason Mitchamore

Addaly Leyva

Colbi Watson

How Can I Help You?

Please don't hesitate to let me know if I can help you implement any technology ideas in your classroom. I am always here and willing to help anyone! Ideas you may want to consider:

Integrate Google Classroom into your daily activities

Blended Learning



These are just suggestions. I am willing to help with anything. No idea is too big or crazy! Let's get creative together!

Congratulations to the Following AR Star Classes:

First: Mrs. Sanders- 91% accuracy!

Second: Mrs. Richards- 90% accuracy!

Third: Mrs. Brown- 91% accuracy!

Fourth: Mrs. Kneupper- 86 % accuracy!

Congratulations to the Following AR Star Students:

First: Isaiah Kifer for earning 10 points so far this nine weeks!

Second: Tucker York for earning 9 points so far this nine weeks!

Third: Landon McGinnis for earning 28 points so far this nine weeks!

Fourth: Yashir Villa for earning 80 points so far this nine weeks!

Classes Currently in the Lead

First: Mrs. Sanders' class- 112 points!

Second: Mrs. Richards' class- 65 points!

Third: Mrs. Diehl's class- 102 points!

Fourth: Mrs. Rife's class- 173 points!

Look Who Made Reading Team!