Is that a fish we just hit?

John Holland, can be a little fishy sometimes.

Holland in 1888 was asked by the U.S. Navy to submit submarine plans from having created a working one just 7 years earlier. When they contracted him to build a submarine the vessel he made failed terribly because the U.S. Navy had him drop some of the designs. determined to show that his original vessel would work he secretly made and launched the Holland in 1898. In 1900 the U.S. bought the Holland and asked him to build several more.

It Works!!!!!!!!

The Holland was a submarine that worked off of a combination of a electric motor for when it would be submerged and a gasoline engine for when it was on the surface.

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S: 20 Seconds
E: 48 Seconds

S: 58 Seconds

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E: 2:10

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