Mrs. Turley's Tidbits

Week of 9/12 - 9/16

We're Learning A Lot This Week!

Fundations: We have learned the "bonus letters" - f/l/s. If at the end of a one-syllable word which ends in one of those letters, DOUBLE the consonant! It's a bonus :-)

Bonus Letters are marked with a star on top. We are also reviewing "glued sounds" - -all, -am, -ang, -ing, ong, ink, -ank, -ink, -onk, and -unk. These sounds are "glued" because they make ONE sound. Glued sounds are marked with a box around them.

Literacy: This was our last week of our "Launch" Unit in 2nd Grade. We read a variety of texts including Hungry, Hungry Sharks! (Non-Fiction), Nasty Bugs (Poetry), and King of the Playground (Fiction). We're learning a variety of skills and strategies to help us become better readers. We visualized during Nasty Bugs. We wrote important facts on post-it notes during our reading of Hungry, Hungry Sharks! . We discussed the important parts of the story with our reading partner during King of the Playground.

Math: The students are LOVING Reflex Math. We've heard that many students are doing it at home also. That's great news! This week we practiced using rulers to measure items around our classroom. We experimented with inches vs. centimeters too. We had our first "Banking Day" to cash in the coins they earned for good behavior and shop in the Treasure Drawers! It was good skill-building for identifying coins, counting coins, and trading coins for equivalent coins. Please continue to work on identifying coins and counting money with your second grader as this is another skill that appears in all our math units and assessments all year long.

Writing Workshop: This was a week of establishing our "workshop" routine for writing. I put on my "writer's tools" apron and explained the expectations for the components of the workshop. We used our Tiny Topics notebook as a place to write story ideas for our "small moment" narratives. We discussed the importance of having a bold beginning, a mighty middle, and an excellent ending. Please take a walk or two down your family's "memory lane" to help your child think of some small moments that they might like to work on during Writing Workshop. I'm looking forward to some interesting reads!

S.T.E.M. Lab - Mrs. Zriny was here with us on Friday afternoon for our special SCIENCE EXPERIENCE Day! We had a fantastic time! She had us thinking, problem-solving, and working together just like real scientists! Everyone in the class had a partner and a "model" of a doghouse (a milk carton with the top cut off). The "scientists/engineers" had to find the best roof for the doghouse by testing various materials such as foil, wax paper, plastic, cardboard, etc. Then to complete the test, they had spray bottles for a rain mist, water droppers for rain, and small cups of water for a storm. Learning in this way used lots of critical thinking, learning that you keep trying...mistakes are a part of learning, and science/engineering is FUN!

Thank you, Mrs. Zriny, for providing this exceptional learning adventure and for all the hard work of compiling the supplies and bringing the "science excitement" through your own passion for science!


Special Needs boy makes the Varsity Highschool Football Team

Upcoming Special Events...

Wednesday, September 21st - Scholastic Book Orders due

Thursday, September 22nd - PTO Pizza Wars/Savers Fundraiser...YUM!

**The Second Grade Teachers will see you at Pizza Wars...look for us!**

Friday, September 23rd - School Improvement Day...NO SCHOOL (Hooray for you!)

Monday, September 26th - Field Trip Permission Slip and Money due for Snow Queen

Tuesday, September 27th - Picture Day...SMILE and look pretty!

Tuesday, September 27th - After School Clubs begin