Sir Walter Raleigh

Poet, Courtier, Privateer and Explorer

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Sir Walter Raleigh was born on January 22, 1554 to a protestant family in Dovenshire, England. His father was a farmer and he had one older brother. He hated the Spanish just like his dad and always respected the queen. He went to Oriel Collage in Oxford. When he grew up he worked for the Queen after he covered a puddle with his coat so that she wouldn't get her shoes dirty. He was knighted by her and eventually became Captain of the Queen's guard. He met one of the Queen's maids and fell in love. When the Queen found out she felt dishonored and put him in jail. He got out and attacked the Spanish then he was put in jail again by the King because he was trying to make peace with the Spanish. When Walter Raleigh got out he died on October, 29, 1618 attacking the Spanish one last time.

What Impact did Sir Walter Raleigh Have?

Sir Walter Raleigh impacted the world today by spreading the word. Let me explain what I mean. Everyone today has probably heard of Queen Elizabeth. Would they still know if she died because she wasn't being protected 24/7 by her trusty knight? No! He also taught us to stand by our word, like he did. He hated the Spanish and he never changed his opinion even when everyone else did. He never started randomly going to the catholic church. He never decided that he should just give up! Walter Raleigh made a huge impact when you think about all the things he has taught us about trusting your own judgement and never giving in. I believe that without Sir Walter Raleigh the world would be a very different place.

Walter Raleigh's Achievements

As I have already told you Walter Raleigh was knighted and was Captain of the Queen's guard. He founded the "School of Night". In 1580 he put down the Irish Rebellion. He founded the Virginia colony of Roanoke Island. He charmed his way out of jail the two times he got in and he died fighting the only thing that he fought against his whole life, the Spanish.

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