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Creating a healthy life

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Natural Alliance Wellness Seminar

Tuesday, Jan. 22nd, 6-8:30pm

Farm & Home Center | 1323 Arcadia Road Lancaster | 17603

Join us for an evening of important conversations about wellness and how you can create a healthy life with leading experts in the field of wellness.

Meeting Details

5:45 pm -- 6:30 pm Shop with our vendors
6:30 pm -- 7:15 pm Ella McElwee, ND, PhD, HmD Health By Choice
7:15 pm -- 7:45 pm Shop with our vendors
7:45 pm -- 8:30 pm Patrick Kirkham, Consultant, Natural Alliance

About Natural Alliance

For the past 18 years, Patrick and Lori Kirkham's passion is helping others to making informed choices on their wellness journey. By connecting healthcare practitioners, businesses, organizations, and research with those they serve, they advocate that knowledge can become their strongest advocate to wellness.