Find out about a city that existed millions of years ago


Mesopotamia was located between to rivers. The two rivers were the Tigris river and the Euphrates river. Mesopotamia means land between the rivers.


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Their is a warm a climate in Mesopotamia.


Iraq is on the location of Mesopotamia.


Their are about 6375 miles between mesopotamia to our school.



They need an Urban revolution, polictical and military structures. They will need economic power that is based on social structure and a development on technology.Developement in writing and some religious structure.Forms of new cultural and artistic activity.
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The Hammurabi laws were important because everybody would be out of control and people would be missing and killed.

4. Historian


14. If a minor is stolen from another adult he will be put to death.

19. If there is a slave in your house with you and your caught you will be put to death.

21.If anyone breaks a whole into your house they be buried before that hole.

55.If anyone is careless and opens a ditch to water their crops and it floods the neighbors crops he will pay for the crops that were ruined.

61. If a gardener has not completed the planting on a field unused it will be assigned to him as his.



Gilgamesh was a sad gloomy person because he wanted to have a good fight but all the monsters in the forest were scared of Gilgamesh so gilgamesh went to the ziggurat and prayed for someone to come and give him a good fight. So the Gods made Endkidu to fight Gilgamesh . But Enkidu was stronger which gilgamesh was happy for a good fight so they went all over town knocking down houses and tipping over food carts and they both started laughing and became best friends. They left Uruk and looked for adventures somewhere else so all the towns people celebrated and thanked their God Marduk.



They had enough water to plant their crops and they could hunt for wild game birds. They raised their animals their and the animals grew they would eat them for food.