All About Me!!!!

By: Aubrey Woolsey

Background information

I was born on February 13,2001. At the age of 9 my parents diforced it was a sad time i didnt know what to think or do. My mom is not a big part of my life anymore. When all of that happend my dad sent me and my brother to live with my aunt and uncle. Me and my brother lived with them for about two years ugh worst teo years of my life to be honest. We moved back in with my dad. In 2012 my dad went to save my now known as stepmom from a not so good environment. In June of 2013 my dad married my stepmom Meagan. And now im where i am im 14 and pretty much clueless. I attend school at Harwood junior high Im in the 7th grade almost 8th. I met my awesome bestfriend Reagan and my Amazing boyfriend Nikola at this school.

Funfacts About Me!

- I love batman!!

- I love to dance.

- I love to sing!

- I play the flute!

- Favorite song When I See You Again

- I have a boyfriend

- My bestfriend is reagan

- If im mad/angry stay away

- I hate superman

- im very random

Big image
Harwood Jr High School Beginner Band performing "All About that Bass" at Sandy Lake Amusement Park
Harwood Junior High School Beginner Band performing at Sandy Lake Amusement Park
Wiz Khalifa - See You Again ft. Charlie Puth [Official Video] Furious 7 Soundtrack

Three videos above!

  • All about that bass harwood begginer ban
  • Engines of Resistence harwood begginer band
  • My favorite son "When I See You Again'

Summer Pool party

Friday, May 29th, 7:30pm

Bestfriends house

Me and my best friend are holding a end of the school year pool party at her house. But we are lame its only me her and our boyfriends. There will be food,music and a pool. And we are going to be watchin a movie afterwards.... Our awesome summer event.....

Family Members

  • Brother(Andrew) Age 11 almost 12
  • Stepsister(Analeigh) Age 5 almost 6
  • Stepmom(Meagan) Age 28 almost 29
  • Dad Age 39
  • Reagan= long lost sister Age 13