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Bladen county the most beautiful and awesome place to live!

Welcome to Bladen County.We are located in southeastern North Carolina in what is known as the Coastal Plains.

Bladen County was first settled by Highland Scots who came to the Cape Fear Valley in 1734 seeking religious freedom. Once North Carolina's largest county, Bladen received its name, "Mother of Counties," because fifty-five counties have been carved from it. It now contains some 879 square miles and is the fourth largest county in the state. Originally, Bladen contained over 1,000 lakes and was the state's most beautiful county.

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in 1734 Bladen county ,NC was first founded. Baden county got its name from martin Bladen. there are 11 board of commissioners in Bladen ,nc. cape fear and beaver dam county are the two natural landmarks. the tourist attractions are Jones park, elwall ferry, and singletary lake. the counties that border Bladen county are Cumberland county, Sampson county, pender county , Columbus county , and Robeson county. here below is the home website for Bladen county ,NC http://www.bladennc.govoffice3.com/