New 0 Gravity X Games!!!!

Located on Phobos, about 224,990,623 km away from Earth

Bored off the same old thing? How about something out of the ordinary!

The 2014 X Games are being held on Phobos, one of the moons of mars. Phobos is the perfect place to have the X games because of its 0 gravity! Phobos has no atmosphere giving it no gravity allowing more air time for sick stunts! In the 0 gravity X games you have more air time, more tricks, and can do things you can never do on earth.

Reasons why Phobos is a Perfect Location

Phobos is 0 gravity because it has no atmosphere, there are huge craters on Phobos perfect for riding and taking jumps to get huge air! Phobos has some water on it but not enough to supply the X Games so we will supply our own.


Phobos is the closest moon to Mars, it is 224,990,623 km away from Earth, it was believed to be created from a blast off of the martian surface. We will provide an air chamber for fans to spectate the X Games because of the lack of air. The chamber will also be pressurized to keep all fans safe. X Games will have to wrap up faster than usual because the day on Phobos is only 7 hours and 39 minutes. Phobos is a third of Earths full moon.


12:00 the X Games fans will be allowed to be seated and get any refreshments.

12:30- X Games players will start their runs

1:00-2:00- X Games trick competitipon will take place

2:00-3:00- The races will begin

3:00-4:00- The motocross cross country will occur

4:00-6:00- Skate board high ramp will take place

6:00-7:00- Awards will be given to winners

0 Gravity X Games

Sunday, Jan. 19th 2014 at 12-7pm

Phobos, Moon of Mars

All fan merchindice and space equiptment will be given out before launch to Phobos.