The Special Relationship of Twins

By: Nishi Patel

What can be so special about the relationship between twins?

  • stronger relationships and understanding of each other
  • an ability to communicate and synchronize with each other
  • telepathic or emotional connections even when far apart
  • possibly nothing besides the fact that they interact more with each other than other people

Twins can Understand each other really well

It is common among twins to have a firm grasp of the other's personality and habits. This may allow them to make connections between one twin's emotional conflicts and the events or situations surrounding it.

  • Rachel and Allison are close twins. Rachel says, “We can finish each other’s sentences and often guess at what the other person is thinking by a reaction or facial expression,” she says. “There may also be a certain amount of empathy in mood and possibly in physical feelings, but all of that seems to come from our proximity and understanding of the other person as opposed to some sort of ESP.”

In the more extreme manner, the idea of extrasensory perception (ESP) is much more rare and questionable. However, there have been many instances in which twins are able to feel the pain or emotional state of the other, even when separated far apart.

Twins can have synchronized behaviors

These synchronized behaviors don't necessarily need to be something amazing or extraordinary. The feeling of being a twin usually leads to some kind of synchronistic behavior, may it be in speech, in activities, or in the manner that they think.

  • Twins like Ronde and Tiki Barber also experience strange occurrences such as buying the same item. (This also happened to two twins who lived on different continents who ended up buying the same thing from the same store on the same day)
  • It can also just be in every day things such as preferring to make your waffles a certain way with a specific process, as one of the twins commented.

Commonly, Twins can also develop their own language at a young age.

These twins seem to actually understand each other and know their realationship well enough that they can communicate verbally in a manner completely foreign to others.

  • (Rachel and Allison and Eric and his brother)Interestingly enough, both sets of twins did come up with some kind of unintelligible communication when they were younger, but none of them remember the languages. Eric and his brother talked in secret code until they were around three or four years old; Alison and Rachel didn't have a shared language, but their relatives tell them that, as babies, they would babble and laugh with each other before they could even speak.

Talking Twin Babies - PART 2 - OFFICIAL VIDEO

And, then there's TELEPATHY!

This is an extremely controversial issue with many people. The majority of twins don't believe in telepathic or ESP communication, even though there are a few who have experienced it and said it made a huge impact on their lives. Even though its unclear which side is correct, there are examples for both.

  • Craig and Brenton: The twins have remained very close since they were children, so close in fact that one twin can sense when the other is experiencing problems. From over 2700km away Craig once correctly sensed that his brother was suffering from a life-threatening rash, and again was aware when he'd dislocated his shoulder.

    This metaphysical connection between them would later prove to be a life-saver when Brenton started to experience unexplained headaches. Convincing his brother to take part in a study which involved an MRI scan, they were surprised to discover that Craig was suffering from a rare tumor on the base of his skull. "Ultimately Brenton saved my life," he said.
  • Alexander: when we were younger, whenever my sister had a shot done, while i was on another room, at the precise moment the needle went in i would start screaming or crying, while she felt nothing at all. Some years later she would cry, while i started laughing when getting my shots; we were again in different rooms. Now, when I´m worried or frustrated, she sends me text messages asking me if everything is okay, while having no idea about anything i´m doing… now that we are both 19, the only kind of telepathy we still have is being able to finish each other´s sentences…By the way we also slept looking at each other when we were babies.
  • Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Teleportation: the tested theory that when two atoms are put into a special situation called superposition and then separated, one atom will copy the actions the other atom which is being manipulated. Some theorists believe that this also occurs with twins.

Or.... Maybe its nothing at all?

  • Neither of the sets of twins I interviewed believe in what we usually think of as the twin connection—the mind reading, psychic episodes, and so forth. “I think the connection comes from spending every day of your life with the same person for eighteen straight years,” Eric explains. “If I was born to one family and another boy was born to another family, but we spent every day together from day one and were raised by the same people, I would feel the same connection with that person as I would a twin.”

Connection to God of Small Things

This reflects the relationship in God of Small Things because it shows some kind of explanation of why twins experience the specific things they do. From a study performed by show in Prime Time, it was discovered that 95% of twins can guess what the other twin is thinking. However, 40% of fraternal twins can also guess the thoughts of their twin.