The "Different" Little Penguin

A Story About Oscar The Penguin

One day, in mid-spring, a momma bird gave birth to a little black and white bird and they named him Oscar. Oscar was a good bird, but as he grew up he couldn't seem to fly! he tried over and over again for months and couldn't seem to even glide.. Soon, after his parents decided to put him in flight lessons. At the first day of flight lessons, his instructor told him to fly over a pond, so that when he fell from the tree it wouldn't hurt. he did so and when he jumped to couldn't catch air, falling right into the pond! Plunk! At first thought, he was terrified that he couldn't swim, but after a few seconds eh managed perfectly fine. He thought "Mom always said that birds cant swim underwater! But, then how come I can?" . After that day of flight school, he told his mom what had happened and she said "maybe your just different?" "Different? Different doesn't mean... Weird... Right?" "Of course not, son!"

~Five Years Later~

"Mom? Why am I a 4 ft. tall bird?" " I don't know, son." said his mom. So, for @ more years he lived not know who he was. Until one day, his friend , Blue-jay, he met back in flight school, said "Oscar no affiance, but are you sure your a bird?" " Yes!, No?, Yes?, No...?" "Ok, after bird school lets go to the animal expert doctor, Ok?" "Ok." said Oscar. later, one they to the doctor, he said that Oscar was actually a penguin and not a bird. Then, he told Oscar all about penguins. When he got home he told his mom that he was a penguin. His mom transferred Oscar to a penguin school only five minute away! That how penguins became penguins!