Access the BARS Class

The BARS is a body process that creates dynamic change and involves gently touching 32 points on the head. The points relate to different areas of your life and the place that energy becomes stuck & solidified. Clearing the energy frees you to create what you desire NOW.

What if you could easily change the thoughts, feelings & emotions that limit you?

How valuable would it be for you to quiet the "inner critic"?

Would you enjoy a happier body?

What joy would it be to release the dramas & traumas of old?


Sunday, October 13th from 10am - 6pm

at Bodymechanics Institute

2330 Mottman Road SW, Ste. 106 Tumwater WA 98512

Would you like to hear more? Have questions? We love that! Please contact us:

Brenda Seguirant LMP MA#10140 (360) 438-8199

Tessa Brauer LMT MA#15653 (360) 866-4883